Characteristic Features of the Humanities and Social Sciences Program: Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

Educational Mission

The mission of this graduate school is to educate students to become highly professional specialists who can contribute to local communities. Students, therefore, need to acquire broad knowledge and flexibility in thinking beyond the established paradigm of traditional specializations in order to deeply consider the complex issues of modern society such as environmental problems, bioethics, and highly-advanced information technology. Society itself requires such able individuals.


What’s New -1-
New Academic Field!
–Specialists with a Global Perspective–

This graduate school is an organization where two academic fields, Humanities and Social Sciences, have been integrated into a “one program/three courses” system. Unifying the two fields into one program as the “Humanities and Social Sciences Program” broadens these academic and research fields, and this breadth enables students to freely combine individual research themes and to fuse them into one. Students are expected to develop various competencies with a multifaceted viewpoint - people who can cope well with 21st century issues.


What’s New -2-
New and Original Common Subjects!
–Think about the world while looking at the present situation—

This program offers original “Integrated Common Subjects.” These are, in brief, the subjects which fuse Humanities and Social Sciences, and consist of “Integrated Studies: Local Research on Kochi” and “Introduction to Academic Research Methodology.” The former aims to give students deep and rich knowledge and a global perspective through academic excursions dealing with “Kochi” as the target research material. The latter aims to enhance students’ basic research skills through investigations, reporting and discussions based on selected readings. The outcomes of research activities undertaken in the Integrated Common Subjects are compiled and published as an issue of Research Reports of Integrated Studies: Local Research on Kochi.