The Humanities and Social Sciences Program jointly covers topics from these two academic fields. The program comprises three courses, each of which offers a variety of classes. Taking these classes, students can delve deeply into their research interests, and situate them within a broader academic perspective. In the two required subjects, “Integrated Studies: Local Research on Kochi” and “Introduction to Academic Research Methodology,” students from various backgrounds study and work together with the teachers who convene these courses. Each student is expected to develop independent and flexible thinking and deep specialized knowledge, and acquire a broad perspective through these class activities.


The Humanities and Social Sciences Program comprises the Humanities Course, the Global Society Studies Course, and the Social Sciences Course. Students study primarily in one Course, but can also cultivate diverse and integrated perspectives by taking classes offered in the other two Courses. Students receive their master’s degree (Master of Arts, Master of Literature, or Master of Economics) upon completion of academic requirements according to the Course they choose.