Research Themes

Humanities Course

The Humanities Course comprises three educational and research fields: “Humanities,” “Historical and Regional Studies” and “Literatures, Languages and Cultures.” In this course, students do integrated research about human beings and cultures through multifaceted approaches to the human condition and various phenomena surrounding it. This course covers language, culture, literature, thought, behavior, psychology, history, environment, among others.



Global Social Studies

The Global Social Studies course consists of two educational and research fields, “Language and Communication” and “Comparative Studies in Society and Culture.” The educational and research objectives of this course consider various societal issues encountered through intercultural communication and globalization.



Social Sciences Course

The Social Sciences Course comprises four educational and research fields, “Law and Politics,” “Economic Theory,” “Economic Policy” and “Business and Management,” and this course offers classes covering various issues related to the social sciences. Students consider new solutions to improve society, setting social issues as their research target while taking previous social sciences research into consideration.