Global Society Studies Course

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1) Language and Communication

Students study foreign languages, intercultural communication and interaction.

1.Research Field(s) / 2.Detailed Research Themes


1. German Studies

Kyoko Tsuchiya

2. Late 18th and early 19th century German literature and philosophy; Translation studies

1. Intercultural Communication, Applied Linguistics

Darren Lingley

2. Intercultural communicative competence, cross-cultural pragmatics, analysis of spoken language, English in context

1. Japanese Teaching Methodology

Kuniyo Okumura

2. Japanese language use among foreign nationals in work/career contexts

1. Japanese Linguistics

Yukiko Sano

2. Studies in Japanese grammar

1. Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Second Language Learning and Teaching

Noriko Imai

2. Mechanisms for acquiring second language; Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), especially the integration of focus-on-form and focus-on-formS in the EFL context

1. Phonetics and Phonology

Yoshiko Fujisaki

2. Analysis of English language sound systems; Analysis of phonological alternations and processes

1. Linguistics

Kyoko Koga

2. Phonetics and phonology; sociolinguistics

1. English Literature/Poetry; Language and Culture in Britain

Makio Yoshikado

2. Robert Browning, Alfred Tennyson and other major poets; The effect of literature and poetry in shaping language and culture in Britain

1. Modern German Society and Culture

Masato Saito

2. Life Reform Movement in Germany during the 19th century

1. Chinese Poetry

Zhou Yun Qiao

2. The poetry of Du Fu


Kenji Nakamori



Kosaku Yamashita


1. English Literature, English Cultural History

Yoshiko Seki

2. Victorian poetry and poetics: British periodical culture in the 19th century: Medievalism


2) Comparative Studies in Society and Culture

Students consider social and cultural issues related to globalization.

1.Research Field(s) / 2.Detailed Research Themes


1. Regional Studies: Russia, Geopolitics, Philosophy

Toshihiko Shiobara

2. History of corruption and bureaucracy; Space comparison between Russia and China

1. History of Political and Economic Thought

Naohito Mori

2. Studies on David Hume’s moral philosophy and historiography

1. Input-Output Tables for China

Kentaro Sano

2. Economic effects of residential sales in Chinese cities

1. Asian Socio-Economic Studies, Political Economy of Agriculture and Food, Regional Political Economics

Kazuyuki Iwasa

2. Socio-economic studies on globalization and structural change in Japan and East/Southeast Asia

1. Latin American Economics and Society

Miki Nakanishi

2. Structural change in Chilean agriculture based on historical, societal and economic perspectives

1. Comparative Literature and Comparative Culture

Kazunori Ozawa

2. Studies in Japanology; Adoption of the Theory of Evolution in Japan

1. Cultural Anthropology, Applied Ethics, Southeast Asian Area Studies

Mitsuhiro Iwasa

2. Ethnographic studies of knowledge, attitudes, and practices of caring in Laos; Reconsidering Bioethics from Anthropological perspectives

1. Community Studies and Media Communication

Shigeki Toyama

2. Ecology of Community Communication; Disaster Resilience