Humanities Course

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1) Human Sciences

Students address the variety, characteristics, traditionality and modernity of humans from the viewpoints of philosophy, ethics, theology, philology, linguistics and psychology.

1.Research Field(s) / 2.Detailed Research Themes



Shinobu Sumi


1. History of Western Philosophy

Seiji Muto

2. The study of human nature

1. Philosophy of Religion, History of Religion

Yoshitaka Ando

2. The Philosophy of Henri Bergson


Tsutomu Kato


1. English Linguistics

Miho Nishio

2. Language change; constructional change; grammaticalization

1. Psychology

Kazuo Ikeda

2. Cognition

1. Interpersonal communication

Masahiro Masuda

2. Social psychological research on developmental processes and meaning-
making processes of social and personal relationships

1. Psychology

Kei Hibino

2. Emotion


2) Histories and Regional Studies

Students focus on aspects of local cultures within the respective frameworks of Japanese history, East Asian and European history, geography (natural and human) and dialectology.

1.Research Field(s) / 2.Detailed Research Themes



Osamu Miyazato


1. Medieval and Early Modern Japanese History

Tomoaki Tsuno

2. Latter medieval Japanese political history during the Warring States and Oda-Toyotomi period

1. Modern Japanese History

Hisashi Obata

2. Historical studies on community relations and war in modern Japan

1. Ancient Chinese History

Atsuhiro Ohkushi

2. History of the Warring States; Qin-Han era

1. Chinese History

Hiroshi Yoshio

2. Ming-Qing socio-economic history from the perspective of local society and cultural interaction between China and Japan in the Modern Ages

1. Modern Western History

Masahiro Kawamoto

2. Modern History of Britain, the British Empire, and the Commonwealth of Nations

1. Physical and Environmental Geography

Takashi Sugitani

2. Wildlife management in Kochi Prefecture

1. Agricultural Geography

Takuya Goto

2. Geography of regional systems in Japanese rural districts

1. Japanese Dialectology

Satoko Ueno

2. Analysis of the Kochi dialect


3) Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Students study the languages and cultures of Japan, China, America, England and France from various perspectives, focusing on literature, thought and language.

1.Research Field(s) / 2.Detailed Research Themes


1. Japanese Literature

Hisashi Fukushima

2. Philology of Japanese classical literature with a focus on legendary literature

1. Classical Japanese Studies.

Takashi Suzuki

2. Japanese Literature in the Heian Period; Love and Marriage in the Heian Period

1. History of the Japanese Language

Hideto Yamamoto

2. Ancient and medieval Japanese readings of Chinese characters and texts

1. Modern Japanese Literature

Kazuma Tagusari

2. The works of Junichiro Tanizaki and Ryunosuke Akutagawa

1. Modern Chinese Literature

Shun Takahashi

2. Culture and Mass Media in Contemporary China

1. English Literature

Hiroshi So

2. Victorian and Modernist novels

1. Nineteenth Century American Literature

Seijiro Fujiyoshi

2. Romanticism in the Young Republic; Scientific Naturalism in America