Outline of Integrated Common Subjects

The Integrated Common Subjects are as follows:


・Introduction to Academic Research Methodology (first semester, 2 credits)

・Integrated Studies: Local Research on Kochi (second semester, 2 credits)


In principle these are the required courses allocated during the first year of studies. They are foundational courses of the M.A. program and are based on the fusion of humanities and social sciences. "Introduction to Academic Research Methodology" aims at enhancing basic research skills students require to succeed at graduate level. "Integrated Studies: Local Research on Kochi," dealing with “Kochi” as its research objective, aims at widening students’ knowledge and perspective through conducting various research projects. Both courses offer opportunities to bring together teachers and students from various humanities and social sciences backgrounds.

Having completed these foundational courses, students are expected to broaden the scope of their research in their second year and beyond through field research, reports and written assignments.