Standing at the turning point:
Invitation to an “Intellectual Community of the Humanities and Social Sciences” in Kochi, the south of Japan.

We are now witnessing a turning point in world history.
With the progress of globalization, our world has faced numerous challenges including poverty and socioeconomic inequality, wars/violence and related diasporas, and climate change/natural disasters/emerging infectious diseases leading to threats to survival. Under these circumstances, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aiming at a more viable and better world by 2030 were adopted at the UN Summit in 2015, and various initiatives have been addressed by both public and private sectors. Furthermore, the nine “Planetary boundaries,” denoting the range of activities within which humans could remain safe on the planet, have become a hot topic, and so-called the “Anthropocene,” in which humans exert a major geological impact on the entire world, has been heard in recent years. In other words, ordinary norms in the modern industrial society are increasingly obsolete, and new approaches are required to tackle today’s multiple crises.






Humanities Course



Deep and broad exposure to the different forms of 'knowledge' available to humans.

International Studies Course国際社会コース


In a global society centred on domains and regions, develop the ability to collaborate across borders.

Social Sciences Course



View society using a multifaceted thinking approach and design institutions to solve problems.