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What is "The Kochi University Campus News" ?

The K.U. Campus News (English version) is written and produced by students in the Department of International Studies.
The stories in the K.U. Campus News celebrate the many international projects that K.U. students and teachers are involved in. The articles are written by students. The K.U. Campus News provides an English language resource for sharing university related news, profiling students and faculty members involved in unique endeavors, promoting a sense of pride in our university and highlighting the international aspects of Kochi University.
The K.U. Campus News is funded by grant from the Department of International Studies. If you are interested in reading other stories form the K.U. Campus News, please contact us at: lingley@cc.kochi-u.ac.jp

CampusNews Vol.5(2008)(PDF)
CampusNews Vol.4(2007)